*Open Office 2.0 Released*

Hey guys, Open Office 2.0 is now released.:smiley:



Yes: this makes me very happy… :slight_smile:

thanks for the heads up.
there’s so many new features, i’ll probably never use half of them… :smiley:

when i found out about this program a while back, you better believe that was the end of MS office suite!

personally, i’m sticking with OOo 1.1.4 since all i use it for is exporting .pdf’s and the occasional html stuff.
2.0 is a bit bloated, but has been filed away just incase.

I am a huge fan of this software. Instead of updating office 2000 to XP, I completely uninstalled it and replaced weith with OpenOffice. I even downloaded the Mac version at work, tho I don’t think anyone else has picked it up because I’ve been somewhat of an Open Source Zealot…

The reason I put in on the work server is that my boss is a cheapskate that bought only one Office license. This means that if one person is using powerpoint, no one else connected to the server can use any of the other office features (word, excel, etc). I can now open and edit Word documents, excel spreadsheets, even view those stupid pps files everyone sends around on the email without fear of having Office shut down, cos I don’t need his steeenking license! :Z

Unfortunately, I don’t like the warnings that come with the latest release for Mac Os X, so have only downloaded version 2.0 for home.

there are free ms viewers for doc, xls, pps, btw. Just hard to find :wink:
They work very well,asociated by extension, and don’t take a day to load like any full package. The bad thing is I don’t see new versions for new office packages, but they seem to read all stuff.

Anyway, this Open Office looks really cool…

And spreadsheet + text editors, especially writter works well. In all MS office versions when you try to paste data into predefinied excell’s cell with ctrl+v from MS Word the cell’ll lost it’s format !!! Funny that shortcut works great with all other text editors :).