OPen Office 2.3 released early :D


not super exciting, but a nice set of office tools.

A nice change from the M$ products, and cross platform.

This release is really nice. There has been builds for 64 bit Arch Linux for a while, so I’ve had a chance to work with it (The maintainer, AndyRTR, starts to build when the first RC shows up). Definitely upgrade. It’s worth the download.

I’m also not too excited about it. doesn’t seem to go forward in its development. On the (horrible) release page I can only see small fixes, even smaller changes and the addition of bug reporting tools, which is good, but it won’t make me download and install a new version of it because I’m just a user of the software and there’s no direct profit for me (indirect there certainly is, but I’m just a dumb user, remember?).

For me, the speed enhancements alone are worth upgrading every time. Of course, there are upgrades, enhancements, and many bugfixes with every release too.

Open Office doesn’t really appeal to me either. My current MS word processors work just fine, don’t see a need to switch.

Plus I need to un-clutter my Start Menu as well… too many installed programs.

if you want to un clutter your start menu, then just delete some of the useless programms that you have installed and try organizing it to suite you’re needs. Like out all the graphics software in a separate folder. Thats cleans up things a bit.

As for the open office thing. I tend to go with FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). Just because I have the freedom to do what I want with the software. Most of the time I don’t do anything with that freedom but its there and I feel free because its there. So go with the Open office. The future is OPEN, get ready for it.

Last time I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2. My documents saved before the upgrade opened as read only and spell check didn’t work. The only way I found to get around this was to copy and paste every thing into a new document.

Unless you don’t have ongoing projects then go ahead and upgrade. If you are currently working on something wait until you’ve finished to upgrade.

I like OpenOffice, but I don’t like that you have to download it rather than it updates it’s self. The document recovery system in OOo is awesome, I have never lost anything, even in the older versions…Document recovery has saved my can even in power outages.

I also like the freedom it lets you reserve for when and if you choose to tweak it.

Speed enhancements? Okay, that’s a good reason to upgrade :slight_smile:

What you’ve said doesn’t make much sense. After reading that sentence, I feel you’re only going with open source software because you can freely download and use it, not because there are open file formats and source code available.

If you believe that using (not Open office) gives you real freedom, you should really give this blog a read.

Sun is doing anything to keep the copyrights on the whole suite’s code and they only seem to use open source as a way to get unpaid developers on the project, which could become closed source if they wanted to (because they have got all the copyrights).

Freedom? Well, everyone seems to have a different opinion about what that really means. With the way Sun acts, I feel as free with, as I feel when using Microsoft Office.