Open Office Spreadsheet?

If I open a document with open office spreadsheet and do some editing (like put in numbers) and send it to my boss will it open on his Excel just like any other excel sheet or will things be all over place? Thanks.

If you save it to the native Open Office format your boss will probably have problems when he goes to open it in Excel. There may be an Excel format available in the Save As options. I haven’t tried it to be sure though.

Yeah, it can save as xls but im just worried he will still have issues and give me a hard time about it. When I told him what I was running his response was “buy a new computer”. lol

As far as I know OpenOffice Spreadsheet and Excel play together fairly nicely, but Presentation and PowerPoint on the other hand…

Do you have another computer, or a friend, that has the same version of Excel as your boss? You could test it before sending something to him.

Export from and use the free Excel Viewer from Microsoft to check if things look like they should. That’s the only way to be 100% sure.

If you need exact formatting or complex formulas, I wouldn’t blindly trust that things will go right, but for basic spreadsheets containing numbers and simple formulas I’ve never encountered any problems when working on files with OpenOffice Calc, Excel 2000 and Excel 2007.

Yeah, I have another laptop that is set up in a living room and hooked up to a tv. This is a daily thing that i gotta do so ill have to pull that laptop and use it. I just wanted to know this about excel and open office before I disconnect that laptop. Asking a friend for a computer every day would drive him mad.

Thanks, but im on Linux.

Use the viewer under Wine… It should work perfectly (results with dev versions may vary, get the stable release)