Open part of xml??

Opening a big yafray xml file isn’t very funny when the size of it is like 130 Mb.
If it opens it is a pain to make edits to it. So my question is - Is it possible to open just a part of an xml file to edit only the materials part of it and then save?

I’m on windows by the way. Does notepad have a feature to open specified lines in a document? That would be great.

Happy blendering
/ t3d

Recommend Notepad++ for your text editing. It allows sections (such as those contained within markup tags) to be “collapsed” to allow for easier nav thru a large file. Maybe this’ll help? Also, I thot Yaf allowed external references to model meshes… or did that never get put in?

Thanks mzungu, this little application helps alot. Though the possibility to open just a part is still not available, which will make opening the file take some time. But thanks again. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not.:frowning: If you are referring to the solution that povray have. That would have been great.

See if either of these work for you; both are Win32 and freeware.

ConTEXT programmer’s editor
EditPad Lite