Open Project "Wrectified" needs new leader

My motherboard soldered gpu
a dell 1558- ati 1 gb vram 54XXseries gpu has taken a dump.

So I have a computer, but can no longer make games until I get another motherboard (Nvidia this time)

But until such time, (it may be a while)
I need someone to help with blenders up and coming 3rd person RTS /adventure game Wrectified…

I can comment on what I can see… (no GSL or textures) so only images concepts etc.

The game has been in development for some time now, and has assets like art, descriptions, musing and some code,

The game -
Using 3d logic assemble friendly / puzzle solving systems from logic nodes scavenged from your smited enemies.

The key theme here, MODULARITY :smiley:

So we are attempting to use kupomans LOD, with my logic nodes (or some new derivative) to make a 5* game.

We will be using instancing of components and architectural chunks + lod to achieve a large detailed 60 fps world.

The game is a future post apocalyptic puzzle game somewhere between fallout and minecraft… mixed with deadspace…

Can someone lead the team? I have to get my life in order for a bit anyway…

the game in the end, will be a user created content wet dream, as everything will be made of pieces, that are commented in their code.

The games licensing is M.I.T 3.0 except the content serving section, which will also serve ads. these ad revenue will go directly to BGE development.

Is there a python + logic master, who can direct artists here?
draw concepts?

likes the project.

PM me or post here,

I prefer transparency,


I can’t see the stuff my team is making, the way it is,

I need a temporary “director”

Any takers?

GFX + Coding required, as your directing artists and designers and coders…

It will be a nice credit on your resume when your done, and all project assets are mit 3.0 cc, meaning that they can be re-used, you just need to say where you got the resources in your credits,