Open Property

Excuse me while I preface.

I started using Blender about a month before 2.37 (or.38, whichever one of those actually existed) came out. Just this year I completed a five minute animation project for my college degree, not that it had anything to do with my degree, the college I went to barely knew what a computer was. Anyway, to be quite honest, my cartoon was craptacular. I was highly dissapointed, but not very surprised at how it went. I think it was a little much to try and get done in nine months at my proficiency level. The boards here were an invaluable help to me during the process. I only ever had to post two questions myself because I could find anything else I needed to know. What all of this leads up to, is that I would like to make a career out of this. I could get use to it very easily.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

When I say Open Property, I don’t mean to come off as one of those guys with a post that says “I have this great, money-making guaranteed idea that just needs everyone else to do the work for me and for me to make all the decisions. Oh yeah, you’ll have to foot the bill, but I’ll make the profit.”

Also, I don’t mean Open Movie. As much fun as a movie would be, I doubt I have the stamina, or the time for that kind of thing. Maybe later on when I actually know something.

To finally reach a point, what my thinking is when I say Open Property, is an entertainment property, designed for a variety of mediums, as is agreed upon by all those involved.

Orson Scott Card just sole Empire, as a book, a comic, a movie, and a game. And I was thinking along those lines. Blender seems ideally suited for making one idea work as both a show and a game. Whatever skills I may lack in computer animation at this point, I can write, and I can draw. Someone else can maybe animate but not write. Design but not construct, any necessary skills, but not these others.

So what I’m getting at, is that I’m tired of working in factories. I’d rather do something fun. And my vision is this. One Property, created by a group, with a daily comic strip posted online Monday through Friday, with a Sunday weekend strip. A weekly episode, posted every Saturday, sharing the same story as the comic, something in the vein of an old Republic Serial. And a small game, just a little one level point and shoot that takes place at the climax of the story, posted on the last day of the month.

Every month we move on to a new story, but same characters. People free to come an go as they please. But something we all share. Some of us can take it to land jobs elsewhere, some of us can do it to play around or practice. Whatever you want it for.

Obviously, there will be fiscal arrangements to work out, workloads to share, logistics in general. The point is I don’t want to sound like I need people to finish my hack project for me. It’d be a continuing community effort.


I’ve been using the internet for ten years, but never utilizing it. I don’t know how to post squat, I couldn’t build a website to save my ass, and my Blender work is still rough around the edges. So part of this for me would be picking up and learning new skills. I don’t expect that this thing would look Pixar. I do have a stack of books next to me on pertinent subjects, but I’m not anywhere yet.

If there is any interest, fantastic. If not, this thread can die an obscure death. I just want to throw it out there. See if there are any like minded slackers out there. I’ll answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading this far down the page, your tenacity does you credit.

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Did you post the short you finished? If you seriously want someone to join you, you need to post some previous work.

Or even better start working on the project “alone,” start a thread and post your progress. I’ve seen it a few times, people will be asking if you need help with anything, begging YOU to allow them to contribute.

How do I post what I have? How do I get what I have down to a manageable size? I put it together in Premiere and exported timeline as a movie, ended up 358 megs. I’m thinking thats too big.

I have started to rework it. I’m building new characters at this point, creating new enviroments.

To use what I have as a framework, this is what I’m thinking.
The character is called Buster Drake. A fast and loose, sillier version of Buck Rogers, more early years and less Gil Gerard.

The short is simply called Buster Drake vs. the Moss Men.

The comic strip would revolve around events taking place just before the beginning of the Serial, with the Sunday strips serving the purpose of the big action and divisions of Acts.

The Serial would be four parts.

Part One, the evil Dr. Zarbitnov, unleashes a Moss Man. Basically a retooling of the short I already have, but adding elements, like Zarbitinov. Ends with Buster flying smack into Moss Man, with cliffhanger ending, will Buster survive face to face?

Part Two, obviously Buster survives. Buster and his gal pal Argo, investigate the Moss Man under orders from their superior, Adm. Optrop. Zarbitnov unleashes two Moss Men. A fight ensues, luring Buster to a wharehouse, which Zarbitinov blows up. Did Buster survive?

Part Three, amazingly enough, Buster makes it out alive. This time, Zarbitinov eqiups three Moss Men with rocket packs, and attacks the Aerie, a space station, and Buster’s HQ. A fight ensues. Cliffhanger, Buster and a Moss Man plummet to earth without a rocket pack, how will he survive?

Part Four, Argo swoops in to save the day. Buster and Argo have discovered that Zarbitinov’s lair is in the sewers. They track him down and defeat the four Moss Men he sends to stop them, sadly they cannot apprehend Zarbitinov because he escapes in a rocket ship. However, the rocketship explodes, and Zarbitinov dies, or does he? Tune in next month.

The game for the month would of course be a trip through the sewers, fighting vicious sewer creatures and the four Moss Men, before confronting Zarbitinov himself.

Next month, all new excitement with the Daring Drake.

That’s the format I have in mind. I’d be happy to post what I have, but I’m going to need instruction.

I’ll try to make the next one shorter.

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You could upload it onto google video or youtube.
On the subject of storylines people can collaborate on, dustrunners caught my interest, it is a creative commons licenced format

Uh yeah a little too large for me on dialup to take a look :slight_smile:

What’s the movie resolution? What compressor did you use?

Output it at 320x240 or ~400x400 …using Sorenson3 codec, 5minutes should be ~40-50 meg I’m guessing, just going by the size of some of the other vids I’ve downloaded.