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I was wondering if it was possible to delete open recent files that are no longer there. Even after deleting a file, I can still put my cursort over open recent and see the deleted files there. For the sake of cleanliness I was wondering if I could delete that?

Not from within blender, unfortunately.

You must navigate to the .blender directory and find a file called .blog

That should hold the paths of the files, then with a text editor, just delete the ones you no longer want to be there.

That should work on windoze. Not sure about unix based systems.

on Linux, it is spelled .Blog but it also works the same

if you’re using linux, you just have to click ‘file’ on top left corner and click ‘open recent’. it will show you your previous file. click the file that you don’t want and later, a pop up will come out on top right corner. if you have already delete the file from your computer, it will tell you that your file can’t be found. the last step is you have to click the splash screen to make sure your recent file is gone