Open Schnuffel Bunny (Das Schnuffen)

I’ve constructed a duplicate of the infamous “Schnuffel Bunny” who was the top ring tone in Europe a few months back. My intent is to give it to you so you can make your own parody of der Kuschelsong without having to go through the trouble of making your own Schnuffel bunny. It’s a little clumsy, but it gets the job done. I couldn’t figure out how to get the softbody to work with it, so I finally gave up. Also, the fur is a separate object, which I now realize was a mistake. Anyway, it’s technically superior to the original in some ways, inferior in others.

I now see that the Blend file is too big with all the packed textures and URLs are verboten on the board. I shall have to figure out some other way to give you this file…

I’ll be back shortly…


Kinda cute, you sent me to google looking for that song. It reminds me of the gummi bear song. :stuck_out_tongue: A little catchier, though. Dammit, it’s stuck in my head. ><

Anyway, I love the image, as you said, in many ways (I’d say most), it’s superior than the original bunny. The only critique I can provide is about the fur coming from the footpads.

Other than that, rockin’!

I just looked up the video and all I can say is that bunny must have gone to one to many rave parties back in the 90s. lol. but seriously your model looks good.