Open-Source 2D MORPG Engine

I’m writing an open-source 2D MORPG creation engine, writen in C#.
Quite some stuff is already done. I created a log site today.
If you’re interested please visit the site:

(I am in progress of buying a real domain, this one is just temporary)

Oh my god, an MMO, has anyone done this before?

Seriously though, I would strongly suggest posting something to show for it when you ask for help because people tend to be really skeptical about this stuff here after about 50 crappy “projects”. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because you sound like you know what’s involved, but just warning ya.

Ow I need the edit that. It’s an Creation Engine. btw its MORPG, not MMORPG because there the first M would stand for massive ;).

interesting… also when I got a domain… I used godaddy to buy it… I wanted to tell you… it is the cheapest I saw for when I got mine… and yeah you could use you already made freewebs page once you got a domain as well… rather than having to make it again on a different ftp… but you can decide that…


There plenty of domain registering sites and they dont differ that much, just a dollar or two a year.

Still the best for webhosting price-wise is
It’s like $25 a year (with the right promo code) including set-up fees and domain name registration. 200gb of storage and 2tb (!!!) of bandwidth.
Oh and they’ve been around for quite a while and won’t be going under anytime soon.

What promo code? because else its $7,95 per month which is $96 per year. I know you get alot of storage and bandwidth, but yo probably won’t need it. $96 per year is quite a lot you know.

Is it multi-platform? Does it use UDP? just wondering.

You put in the code and it knocks off like $97 off the yearly price, leaving it at around $25 per year.

Do a google search for “dreamhost promo code”

bookeater: just windows (for now), and it uses UDP, yes.

A 2d mmorpg would be cool. maybe.

MORPG = Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

another free, open-source, morpg engine, well its good to have many tho you could have allways joined another open-source engines dev. team :confused: well nothings lost with this :smiley: