Open Source Animation Studio Looking for likeminded people

Me and a friend of mine have set up a discord and management of a smaller indie class studio.

The goal of the project is to essentially make short film animations where everyone gets to practice stuff in animation which they may not be able to normally.
This will then help everyone to build portfolios and gain experience in fields which they may not otherwise be able to within the industry due to lack of those things.
In other words the aim is for this to be for people who want to build their portfolio and get experience working in a semi professional environment.

Personally i love 3D animations but making them as a single person is insane work wise, Splitting it up across maybe a handful of people and all of a sudden its a much more manageable task. And i suspect I’m not alone in that.

The plans for the studio would then be for it to be entirely non profit and hobby focused/freetime based.
Where people may dedicate 1-4 hours per week per person and collectively it adds up.

And right now we need any and every role pretty much. The more people the less stress any one individual will feel.

If the animations ever make any money then the current plans would be for part of the money to be going towards future animations (voice acting, any paid assets, etc). Any leftovers past that would then be equally shared across everyone in the project to donate to what ever charity they feel resonate with them the most.

You can either shoot me a message here on Blender Artists, or you can add me on discord and chat with me there :slight_smile: