Open Source Anti-Virus software?

Are there any good open source anti-virus software for Windows Xp?

what’s wrong with free but non-oss?

nothing wrong with free! Just prefer open source if possible. Both are better than paying for software that runs in the background. :smiley:

Check out
THIS list.
I love it! I have like 4 of these programs:
Blender (duh:D)
Paintball 2 (Good game!)

best “free for home use” anti virus I’ve come accross is avast

not open source, but works great

Yes! I uninstalled Norton Anti Virus to install ClamWin.

When i ran the first scan with Clamwin 6 Viruses were found that norton failed to spot. :O.

ClamWin’s Virus database is updated multiple times daily

The only drawback is that there is no real time scanner (which isnt that much of a drawback as it means it doesn’t memory whore) so you’ll need to remember to manually scan any files from sources you cant trust 100%. I’m very happy wtih this anti virus. look under “Freeware” and “GPL”

Don’t think it’s anti virus but it’s an amazingly good free program. It’s legit too, no worries(Bad Experience, don’t ask :expressionless: ).

Download the personal edition I think is the free one. It’s awesome. :smiley:

Cool. I’m happy it’s going to work for you.

One thing I noticed with Clam in general (KlamAV is installed on my Linux box) is that it will also let you know about potential errors. If a zip file looks like it may have been tampered with, it will pick up on that. For instance you may get a “ZipFileExceedsFilesLimit” message as a possible problem. That part can be little wierd because the main offenders on my box seem to be associated with Sun Microsystems. Java, Mozilla Firefox, and OpenOffice all throw flags like this.

Oh yes, if anyone is wondering why I have a virus scanner on my Linux box:

So was I! I was curious to see exactly what a virus scanner for Linux did. Well, it takes up hard drive space; that’s what it does!! Cool, huh?

Skottish: Clamwin is great tho, i don’t think it says anything like that about zips unless your referring to its feature where it ignores zip files over a certain size (because they’d take forever to scan). As with running a virus scanner on linux, i wouldn’t say it was a bad idea or even pointless. As linux continues to gain user base, thanks to its OS nature its going to become more and more of a target to hackers.

AVG free is what i use
google it

All jokes aside, it’s a great idea to run anti-virus software on any platform. Tools like Clam are great if you’re running a Samba network, a mail or file server, or just connected to any network really. It’s only a matter of time before the virus writing buttholes focus in on Linux anyway. As soon as one gets cocky…

It’s an interesting point you made about Zips over a certain size. Obviously I was unaware that’s what the warnings meant. It seems this thread has become helpful for me also. Thanks.

Well thats my understanding of that option and while im 90% certain ive interpreted it correctly please don’t quote me on it. Theres an option somewhere to set the zip size limit/ turn it off.

Well, it just so happens that you are correct. KlamAV, the KDE version of ClamAV, has an option button for archives in the main scanning window. The options are:

Number of files to extract (default=500)
Maximum level of recursion (default=8)
Megabytes to extract (default=10)
Compression ration (default=250)

There are two checkbox options also: “Mark as virus if limits exceeded” (there it is) and “mark as virus if encrypted”. Also there is the option to scan different types of archives with other software. Options for other file types are listed there too. I’m sure that all platforms using Clam have all of these same options and probably quite a few more.

well i knew i was really :wink: just wanted a get out clause if anyone came and corrected me.