open source CMS for website

hey guys i am looking for a CMS that will fullfill my needs, currently i have had no experience with one that does.


i am designing and effectivly in charge of graphics for the open source game OTTD. i am trying to set-up a website that can co-ordinate things for me.

i want to set up some tables (or page) where each downlaodable graphic has these things.

A) source file to the graphics set. (.blend file with the 3d info)
B) sprite set (rendered images of the graphic)
C) small sprite set (minimal sprites for people on low bandwidth)
D) information about the sprite. things like copyright…
E) example image of the sprites (.jpg or somthing)

the main thing is tha the user can upload these things themselves. but that the page is in a template. (like a wiki type situation)

currently i use CPGnuke which has a poor downloads section
(IMO its poor)

i also use Gallery, which cannot co-ordinate images and files

anyone have an idea of one that would work well? i want to set it up then never need to touch it again LOL.


Postnuke comes to my mind, but you may have to modify the download module. I think you could also place links into the file description.

Drupal, MamboOS, phpwcms among others.

Try searching for opensource cms. has some nice resources on the matter.

I’m going to start (sometime) working on my website, doing it in drupal.

I hope you find something!

You may want to take a look at It may have what you are looking for. Its not so much a cms as it is a document manger for groups. Don’t know how well it will work for things like graphics as it is aimed more at text type documents

yeah i have donea opensource CMS search however none of them specifically answer my question. most are like PHPnuke style (i use CPGnuke currently so know it well)

the closest i have found is tikiwiki, but i think i’d need to write a number of custom things for it (or con someone into writing them for me :stuck_out_tongue: )

just interested in experience from people with any CMS that they have used in the past with this capability.

thanks again