Open source code but not open media licence?

I have a program that I wrote that I want to have open source code. But, that’s all I want to be open source. However, I want the end user to be able to modify the program however they want, provided they don’t sell it and they give me credit for whatever they use.

The main reason why I want a licence like that is because I used a texture from And, if I were to make the program open source using the GPL, I would have to also give the texture, in it’s raw form, out to the public, which cgtextures doesn’t want. They don’t want any textures to be redistributed raw outside of their site. I can still use it in commercial projects and such, it’s just they don’t want the unmodified texture to be distributed to the general public from another site from theirs.

So, I was wondering if there were any other licenses like that out there.

You don’t have to release the texture under the same license as the source code, there are games where all the art assets aren’t ‘free’ while all the code is so you could do the same with your program.

The more restrictive the license the less people will be willing to use/modify it in their own work.

Uncle Entity, he can’t distribute the texture without breaking the EULA he has with

the usual way would be to link to cg textures and have the end user download the texture… have the end user comply with the cg textures EULA

You cannot distribute the textures from CGtextures? Well in that case he should ask someone to make a unique texture for him.

Henrymop: The GPL does NOT forbid commercial use. None of the free software licenses does.

no, you can’t distribute them unmodified and in raw form… (presumably to prevent other texture sites ripping them off…)

you can distribute them in a video game or whatever…

Besides, assuming that the application of the original poster has the texture embedded, it should be finr to distribute

the compliance for the gpl for source would be to just provide a link to cg textures, not distribute the texture with teh source code itself.

That cgtextures license is such a mess I wouldn’t use anything from that site if you value your sanity.

Basically if you want to redistribute the texture you have to modify it and sell the 3d model as there is no other provision for redistribution and/or modification.

In that case if you make a game the issue with not re-distributing textures from CGTextures may not be much of an issue anyway.

A number of them need somewhat heavy editing anyway if you want to make them seamless, so they wouldn’t be in raw form. (because practically none of the textures are seamless to start with)

So, Michael W., the GPL allows for linking to textures/other media without having to actually distribute the texture/media itself? If so, were does it say that in the GPL?

Cgtextures license is quite simple, just read the faq, and don’t be afraid to contact the owner (he’s a nice guy)

I’m sure you could have a split license something.

From the FAQ;

May I use these textures in my Open Source (Creative Commons, GPL, etc) project?
No. These textures may not be used in Open-Source projects. The licenses are not compatible. Almost all Open-Source licenses allow redistribution of the materials, and redistribution is not allowed for these textures.

And it’s wrong since anything not specifically granted is not permissible under copyright law. Saying something in your FAQ without granting permission in the license just means you’re opening your users up to a copyright infringement lawsuit.

I don’t quite understand what you mean.

Yeah, use of the textures not redistribution, that ‘only’ is pretty significant there.

It actually has no case for redistribution (and specifically prohibits it in the next section) unless there’s an implied right of distribution in ‘bundled with modified versions of the textures’.

According to that license the only one who can legally distribute the textures is the website.

So your saying

permission to use in computer games, 3D models’
doesn’t mean
permission to use in computer games, 3D models, and distribute the game’
And that

  • Selling 3D models bundled with modified versions of the textures, when the texture is customized for the 3D model
    Is contradicted by:

It is NOT permitted to:

  • Sell or distribute any of these textures in an unmodified form
    This may require a contact to Marcel to clear up. Would you wish to? I am not good with this legal stuff.

They really need to consult a (copyright) lawyer.