Open Source Desktop Publishing - Scribus

Hi, I found this app on a finnish computer magazines webpage, which has a “program of the day” and “game of the day”.

It’s a “Open Source Desktop Publishing” software. So it’s for layout. Windows 2000 (and probably older windowses, too) users need this GDI+ library also.

Scribus is a good DTP - been using for years under Linux. Just make sure that you get recent copy. More than about 6-12 months, and it sometimes had a problem with font kerning.

Just curios: can Scribus handle XPress files?


you can use pdf/eps/svg to bring things into scribus… but that’s it.


Ah, ok. Thanks, basse. :slight_smile:

well…the application itself is not very new, so I don’t see the “news” in this actually, not in my eyes, that is. :cool:

Well, I just read the “Chat about anything related to Computer Graphics or elYsiun” and thought it would suit this forum the best :).

WAAT… Ztonzy, du har tagit bort min signatur! blahran. Det är orättvist! Nu måste jag göra den igen… Jag hoppas jag minns vad det var :).