Open Source Engines Align

This is just an idea i got while searching for the best free game engine for open world games (GTA style).
There are several game engines out there, some free, some open source while some are in-house or commercial.
Best candidates for open world were:

  1. Grit - optimized for hta and red dead redemption games.
  2. Torque - good for open world games.
  3. BGE - can create open world games.
    This are some i could find that could offer me what i wanted but they are not perfect. Some (most) newbies come in to game dev with one thing at he back of their mind, to create a gta style game (me too:o) then they start to search for the perfect engine (like that exists). While cryengine sdk offers a great game engine, it can’t create a game map as big as gtav, neither can udk or other something dk’s. After searching endlessly for free engines, they end up with the question most people have asked on google, “How To Create a Game Engine”.
    Why would people ask this, it’s because there is no perfect engine for their game that’s why rockstar created RAGE for all their games.
    While the engines listed are good, they all have problems, some more than others:
    Grit: relatively new, under serious dev.
    BGE: good but lacks a few features:D
    Torque: Is great but lacks some features and uses a bit if outdated features.
    They are all open source and free but they are not perfect (doesn’t need to be).
    Imagine if all these three dev teams teamed up top create one game engine that supports all types of games, platforms etc. The engine would be create 3x faster, have more features than all the other three, uses the latest features, mit licensed and is open source and it will probably have more users.
    They could name it something like 4RCE ENGINE:ba: or any other name. It will be more stable, have more developers, will be released faster, have more features etc. This engine will probably dethrone the likes of cryengine and others it a few days to months:evilgrin:.
    Now, I don’t know about you but i think if this happens, it will yield the most powerful game engine ever that can create any kind of game from racing to fps to very large open worlds on one engine and you won’t need to learn 3 programming languages for that and 3 engines.
    Tell me what you think and i don’t mean to offend anyone.
    Considering posting on the other engine forums

Why cryengine not can make big maps? sorry english.

Wow, I have never seen grit before…

Now about that Lua…

What about a exporter?

having grit as a dropdown rendering engine choice?


Itcan make big maps but not liberty city gta map size without restrictions

Grit is new, it’s being made by gta modders:rolleyes: but it still has a long way to go. It uses lua, created with c++ same with bge and torque, if they were to come together, there will be like 100+ c++ programmers.

Sounds good in theory, but the feasibility of such a project is (optimistically) not very feasible. :confused:
A proof of concept is what would be required to move anyone on such a radical idea. And it would risk more destructive consequences than it would promise constructive outcomes.

Basically, this will reduce the need for people to modify the source code of the game engine, not needing to switch engines to create a specific game nor learn more than one game engine and/ programming language and it will also reduce the need for developers even though when this three teams come together, they will usually have disagreements but on thing is that when it works out, the engine will be better than most if not all.:ba::ba:

These different games engines exist because they have different goals and perspectives. A similar situation might be KDE and Gnome before (they seem diverging more and more these days). Sometimes projects converge and diverge; it is the nature of open-source and it is not necessarily a bad thing as it stimulates innovation. If they have the same goals and perspectives, then at that point they might as well merge together. IMHO, the BGE will probably never merge with another engine due to its uniqueness. I see it happening more the other way around.

Anyhow, I suggest starting somewhere, in this case with the BGE since you’re already here. Then once you hit limitations and walls, start considering other options. What would help the BGE the most is creating something out of the BGE or if you want to help open-source gaming in general then use any one of these engines. Conjuring ideas and theories is nice but the BGE needs something more concrete and applied right now.

I really think this sort of idea has no merit, it just isn’t the way professional developers think. Don’t get me wrong, we would all drool over a Frankenstein engine and programming language that reads and interprets anything and everything while maintaining complete functionality, but that just won’t happen. I don’t have any experience with the other two engines, but the BGE is quite capable of creating anything from simple 2D platformers to massive 3D open world games. The argument that it is missing features is really only caused by the users lack of understanding of the internal workings of the engine. I don’t know everything there is to know, but I do know that Python is more than capable of producing any of the features you hope to gain by creating your Frankenstein engine. The same can probably be said about the other two as well. Of course it helps to have a big dedicated development team, but the BGE has even proven that it is not absolutely necessary. Your experience with a certain tool greatly affects what you able to produce with that tool. When you run into your own personal limitations using a particular tool, you should take the time to advance your knowledge with the tool, rather than switching to a new tool you may have even less experience with.

There really is no merit in this idea, but to clarify; this is like suggesting we take an amoeba, a zebra and a moth and breed them together. They’re fundamentally incompatible, and the result would possess all random parts of its parents

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Can the deferred lighting be cannibalized?

Sorry to say that but this is a similar naive interpretation as you think GTA has a huge open world.

A) GTA provides the illusion it is a huge open world, but it is none. If you think it is, the developers and designers of the game did a great job. But still you can’t have a open world, you can have the illusion of an open world. An illusion has restrictions that it is not easy to be recognized as illusion.

B) A game engine provides components and tools to create the illusions required in game. Different games require different components. There is no game engine that will have all components. This is because there are simply to much options and various options are mutually exclusive.

The BGE is designed as a multi-purpose Game Engine. Which means you can do a lot, but there is less of a “best solution” for a situation. And yes there are things simply not possible, because the BGE uses specific solutions too.

The most game engines allow to create custom components to implement whatever component you are missing (including the BGE).

C) It is your idea … you are the “three dev teams”. With some convincibility you can get other developers into your team too.

The “answer” to your question is similar to the question of your other thread:

-> It is possible … but it costs really much (most-likely more than you and others are willing to pay)

Nathan, I think you are misunderstanding the relation between big projects and people.
Any big project (game engine, OS, movie, book, …) involves literally millions of design decisions. The people who made those decisions are 1. small in number (since many projects are developed by teams, there may actually be zero people who understand all of those decisions), 2. likely to disagree with each other, heavily (else they wouldn’t be in different projects).

Integrating Torque and the BGE has a similar chance of success as integrating Windows and Linux, or the Republicans and the Democrats,

Actually it’s not an “illusion” because open world = You’re not forced to pass a level/mission. And also don’t expect the full map of the earth just for a gta game.

Ontopic: Well combining 2 game engines = recreating them from A-Z, So basically you’re trying to create a whole new game engine? A game engine can be improved to “look” like another engine, But they can’t be combined unless you want to create a whole new engine.

Nathan2222 for real, you think you have the expertise to be talking about this?

Porche has beautiful curves, Lamborghini is fast, Toyota Hiace has lots of storage space, Volvo is safe. But you can’t just simply mash them together to get a car that is beautiful, fast, has lots of storage space and is safe.

Just another “wouldn’t it be cool if” without much insight into how stuff works.

I think we might be worse off if we integrate the Republicans and the Democrats :stuck_out_tongue:

Nathan2222, you seem to be throwing ideas out left and right but I think you should get to know the BGE by actually using it and creating something before suggesting ideas…please no more of these threads. If you must post threads on ideas, then suggestions on improving existing features within the BGE would be more useful. If you were more familiar with the BGE, you would see why this idea would not work.

Following the car analogy, it’s like buying a porche and wanting to upgrade everything without ever having drove it.

This is all just mental masturbation lol. It’s fun to think of possibilities but actually realizing them is another thing. Although, it’s only when people take the least likely possibility and make it happen do we get the most amazing things. So if you have the capability to merge them, go for it.

An amoeba, zebra and amoth have nothing to do with each other, whereas bge, grit and torque are all game engines and open source. The right comparison would be the cars and i get your points.
@mahalin, i was just looking for opinions about it, i have tried to get to know blender and bge but i found that was impossible with my current pc because every time i press p, blender crashes and you’ld think that was a bug or something, I can’t even model a complete kitchen:( so there you have it.

How does blender crash when you press ‘p’? Have you tried looking for an output in the console (hard to get in windows, easier in linux).
Which version blender is doing this. More information is good.

I can’t even model a complete kitchen:( so there you have it.

Then try modelling a kitchen, and don’t expect it to happen quickly. Expect a kitchen to take a month or so.


Step 1 - Get some easy to understand commented python code

Step 2 - Get some easy to understand logic examples

Step 3 - Look at your own problems, solve them, or ask what your doing wrong.

Dissect these,

they are not simple, but not complex…


Ask me anything anytime :smiley:


TrackToClosest.blend (435 KB)Cursor.blend (444 KB)Throttle.blend (566 KB)

and this should help with globals, and lists,

Torque FPS has some goodies but is not that straight forward,

Brobots mouse = my first game :smiley:


KeyDictandDoor(Commented).blend (579 KB)BroBotsTest.blend (1.15 MB)TorqueFPS.blend (2.97 MB)