Open-Source Exibit

I’m considering this pretty much finished. I call it “Open-Source Exibit.” I started fooling around in Blender today and came up with this. It turned out good enough for me to set it as my wallpaper. I know some tweaking could still be done on the materials, so c&c is welcome.


Edit: Here is a second version. All I did was use One Step Photo Fix in Painshop Pro.

i don’t want to be a meanie. the picture is nice, but you tampered with it using commercial software - hence no longer an open source exibit, maybe “joint source” no that would be bob marleys music… %| oh well better luck next time :wink:

nice idea, I like it.

Ye you shoulda used Gimp2 it can do the same

Ye you shoulda used Gimp2 it can do the same[/quote]

you’re preaching to the quire. tell that to sandman instead.

wow, 3 replies and the only crits I get is “You shoulda used Gimp2.” That’s a first for me. Anyhow, to please the masses I have taken the image to Gimp for the Post Processing. I never tried Gimp until today, so if it looks funny, please give me some pointers. :smiley:

Wow. Very cool. I’d be happier if the whole thing looked slightly higher-res, but that is just me. Good work. Why does it look slightly pixelated and chunky?

thats to show the chiselyness.

Thanks for all the replies everyone! :smiley:

I like that you used what in any other project would be considered undesirable (the blocky normals) and made them fit the scene. Excellent work.