Open Source Game Competition

I’m working with a few guys on a project for indie game developers. The two of them quit their jobs about a year ago to focus on building a marketplace for indie games that gives developers more freedom and opportunities to collaborate. We’re now almost ready for an open beta, and we need both games and people to help us test the platform.

To that end, we thought we might hold a competition to find some noteworthy open source games. The goal of the competition would be to grant recognition to open source developers who have contributed to the community in a way you feel is important. Since our platform is based on indie game development, we’re looking to celebrate the work of open source indies you love, granting their developers some recognition and allowing us to feature some favorite open source games from the community in our marketplace.

What do you think of this idea? Who are some people in the community with open source projects that you think deserve recognition?

I’ve fuddled with Blender and, in recent weeks, Sculptris, and was pumped out of my mind when I found out about Yo Frankie!. If you guys have any personal projects you’ve helped complete or have some favorite games, please stop by and drop your nomination!

Here’s the blog with guidelines for the competition:
I’ll be improving the site based on your feedback to make sure it’s as awesome as possible, so feel free to give your advice below. If you think the structure of the competition itself needs to be heavily modified I’ll gladly take your suggestions. We’ll be running more competitions in the future, so any input now would be great.