Open-Source Game Project

Don’t let the title fool you; there is no actual open source game project :). I was just curious if anyone would do one. The thought just came to me: a game like Yo Frankie, where everyone can contribute models, artwork, objects, or just ideas! Post your thoughts on this if you want to. Happy blendering!!!

Open source doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can contribute. I was considering releasing my current game project(it’s still on the ground right now) as open source, when I get to that point. However, if I make it a team project, I’m only going to accept contributions that meet the same quality standards I’m holding myself to.

An open-source, open-development, anyone can contribute sort of game WOULD be cool, but it would be insanely difficult to plan and organize.

I agree, it would be nearly impossible to plan. But it would be pretty sweet, seeing a whole bunch of blender artist users’ names in the credits. Those credits would play for an hour!

I think it’s feasible. Especially one that allows user-created content.

A small team or individual creates a game that loads content from a certain directory.
Then artists create assets (under certain guidelines of course) which must be approved before being added to ‘official’ channels.

There’s tons of possibilities. Racing, fighting, puzzles, etc.
The problem is finding a good idea & time to do it. I personally lack both.

Throwing this out there: I’m currently working on a system for DLC inside the game engine. So if someone were to do something like this, I would happily contribute a bit of code.

Hey pqftgs

I would like to take a closer look at your system then. I’m developing a gaming distribution network for indies. A good DLC system is part of the network. Making it even better integrated with communities would be great.

And for the open source project, I agree with Monster. One way to ensure people will jump aboard is to continually deliver good progress, which impresses users. For that you need a good channel that exposes your work and to expose your work in the best way you need material. In short, you need to market the project before it even is a solid product. Best of luck to you.

Thanks for all the replies. I was just curious as to what everyone thought of the idea, and wanted to get the ideas a-brewing! :wink:

Addon content is really easy for blender, as you can load data from libLoad, and python allows extracting zips.
With my game you can put a zip file into the game directory, and depending on what the zipfile is defined as, it will extract as a level, or as a bunch of textures, or sound, or even additional model files. And the system for adding populating levels, and for selecting levels can handle this. In theory you could also include custom scripts in a level, not spawn the ‘player,’ and change the game into something completely different.

To me how having an open development project would work is:

  • The project initiator come up with a game idea, let’s say a typical FPS
  • He then spends some time developing addon structures with even more flexibility than mine.
    So let’s say someone made a character:

He puts this into the game directory, and it places itself into the correct directory. (It would be easiest to have different directories for the types of object). Then the character can be picked in the select screen.

If he makes a model/prop he could give it a property defining what it is, like ‘small crate.’
Then when the game populates a level it would select props randomly with the correct type.

Adding in a weapon might be more interesting, as they are generally quite logic intensive and unique, you’d have to have the weapon define whether it was hitscan or projectile (,projectile), damage, effect on hit…

SO let’s say he got all this structure working, what then? He would have to moderate content, as well as possibly build content ‘packs’ with preset models (so you could load a specific ‘mod’)

I’m really not sure about the feasibility of this running to completion, but it might I suppose.

Thanks for the reply sdfgeoff. I really don’t know much python, so I couldn’t code anything like this anyway. Either way, it was just something to think about. However, it is nice seeing people putting the time in to think about it, and come up with a plan. I wasn’t actually thinking about doing this, but the ideas are tempting :slight_smile: !

Here’s an idea for a theme: a world were each contributor makes his own level. Only thing that’s passed on after passing each level is health and score. You would then have a bunch of little games packed together in one original game. But I’m only brainstorming…

That’s kind of what we’re doing with user-made arenas in Wizzardz.

The entire scene is loaded in, logic and all. So it could be a whole separate game, except that your existing character is stuffed into it.
There’s endless possibilities: A minesweeper board, frogger-style street, etc.

Any blender scene will work, but there’s a few stipulations:
-AI will not work unless a navmesh is defined
-Additional logic is required for objects to sync in multiplayer
-If spawn points are not defined, players will spawn at the origin

I like the idea of each person creating a level for the world. Maybe there could be one main world, kinda small, and in the little world have an entrance to each of the smaller user created levels. Just a thought.