Open-source game wikis and spoilers

Hello everyone,
I intend to make an open-ended open-source game project, which is expected to have publicly available wiki (to keep track of progress and organize the ideas, and also to facilitate suggestions from outside of the core development team). However, I wonder what consequences may be from basically laying out the complete design document for everyone to see.
Will players be severely discontented by the easily accessible spoilers (as the feedback on Project Mango indicates)? Or will the complete openness actually stimulate the community (since users would be free to make their own campaigns alongside with the “official one”)?

For any major game you can watch a walkthrough on youtube within days of it being released. Doesn’t seem to affect sales unless it looks like a crap game. It only matters if the gameplay is good enough for people to want to play and any spoilers have all been seen before in some form or other.

Check out the project mango model- keep it all open except for key spoilers/the ending, you could actually generate more interest this way.

Edit- I guess you’ve seen mango :slight_smile:

I play Battle for Wesnoth, and although the site has walkthroughs, and you can even check the source files, I find that playing without referencing these is more fun. I guess it depends on the game and player. I would look at wesnoth as a good model to go by though.

Thanks! Battle for Wesnoth does seem to be a perfect example for my case :slight_smile: