Open Source Graphics Card

As the Blender community is a great example of the open source phenomenon at work, and the community is full of people who are experts in 3D graphics, I thought the recent discussion (and subsequent planning) of an open source piece of graphics hardware would interest people around here. The basic idea is a generic and flexible piece of 3D hardware (with 2D emulation) with drivers completely in the public domain. This will primarily be of interest to Linux, Mac, BSD, etc… users, but it should interest any user who cares about hardware lock-in and the ability to customize the capabilities of their GPU.

Anyways, the page explains the whole topic much better than I can, so here is the link again in case anyone missed it:

I am sure the project would appreciate input from 3D graphics professionals and developers alike.

Hey, thanks for the lead. What a fantastic idea. I can’t think of a more effective way to accomodate the FOSS graphics community. I think it will also stimulate the proprietary driver developers to get off their duffs and develop good drivers for linux users. It’s a win-win

This sounds like a great idea. I would like to see more info on the type of GPU hardware that will be used for this project. Will a motherboard manufacturer/etc. head up this project?

sounds like a great idea!

Someone might also find this rather interesting:

At least I do :smiley:

Raytraced Q3…
:o :o :o

Raytraced Q3…

Yeah it all reads well till you get to

* runs faster with more computers (about 20 [email protected] GHz in 512x512 with 4xFSAA)

36Gig. Ha ha.

Hmm… A ray traced game is certainly interesting, but probably quite far off still. :slight_smile:

Anyways, just wanted to mention that the OSS gfx card project was slashdotted again.

I was looking for some benchmark test for the proposed xilinx spartan 3 GPU.
It would be nice to see a real world performance test in 3d rendering etc.

theses are programmable CPU so benchmarking the chip alone doesn’t mean anything.

This was from a software real-time raytracing test. NOT done with the raytracing hardware. The raytracing hardware takes raytracing off the CPU so no better CPU is needed than with conventional lighting. Saarcor’s prototype chip produces barely playable framerates atm. but mind that it only works at 90Mhz plus a denser chip with higher operating frequency can also hold more pipelines to further enhance performance.