Open Source Movie

Hello everybody,

I am really interested in the concept of an “open movie” and the collaborative proccess of making it. But I am not a knowledger of the audiovisual industry details… So, some questions that come to my mind regarding this (specially in terms of funding it):

  • Is there some award for open movies? Or there isn’t a considerable production of this kind of movie for creating a contest? If there’s not, wouldn’t it be a good idea? :slight_smile:

  • Suppose I finish a short animation movie in the end of december, this month. To what contests or awards could I apply my short animation in the next year? Here in Brazil there’s a festival called “One minute festival” where one minute movies/animations can compete, and there’s also “Anima Mundi” for animations. I suppose there’s also some more animations/shorts festivals around the world wich I could try?

  • If an Open Movie receives an award, how the money is distributed? It goes to all the developers/artists? I know that in Blender Movies much of the movie’s revenue goes to the blender project itself. So, if my animation receives an award, I could donate to Open-source projects like Blender and Gimp, right? Is there something in the revenue’s administration for a movie to be in the “open movie” category?

  • It is possible to make a short open movie starting with no money, only with the donation of spare time of the artists? Maybe sharing some of the movie’s revenue (if any) to them after the movie’s done? Or there is some stage of the proccess where there’s no way of doing it for free?

Well, that’s all of my doubts. Hope I didn’t started this thread in the wrong place :slight_smile: