Open Source Newton Physics Engine

Could this physics engine be used in Blender? It looks very impressive, and OpenSource.

This is the original article that caught my attention

I love Penumbra, and Frictional Games, but I didn’t see anything that wouldn’t be possible with the already implemented Bullet Physics in that video. If we’re going to upgrade physics, we should go whole hog for something like Lagoa.

If I understand the trend correctly on the blender side it’s all about cleaning up and improve the api so You can plug in just about anything including new physics engines. I sure hope BGE will follow in the same trail.

I used Newton some years ago, but dont like the vehicle dinamics, sure today newton are better, then i use Bullet engine and continue use at present day this engine, personally think that bullet is superior, but newton how open and free engine is fantastic, for me the 3 best physics engines are Bullet, Physx and Ode, Bullet and Ode are open source a great advantage in development projects.