Open Source Normal Map Editor or so

Something along the lines of ZBrush. But of course, open source. I’d pirate ZBrush and use it, but I can’t use that for commercial use or I’d get my ass sued. That, I don’t want to use Windows just for it…

I am aiming to obtain something like this.

Using low poly meshes with normal tangent maps to achieve a higher poly looking mesh, saving me from using meshes with 100,000 polys for real time stuff (lol).

Or if this can be achieved with Blender, to point me into the right tutorial or so. Can’t afford ZBrush or Modo.


Check out the Multi-res features and sculpt features in blender…

we also have a way to Bake normal maps (control-alt-b, choose NORMAL).

somewhat like Zbrush or mudbox.

for 2d normal map creation, try GIMP, and the normal map plugin.

Blender does not bake tangent normals without some serious work with the compositor.[link]

Jesus Christ.

Well, would that work for exporting to another format (Like .obj or .3ds)? I am not using these for Blender’s engine.

Denormgen works pretty well. It seems slightly picky about how your models need to be configured, but I imagine that it’s all typical requirements for normal-map generators.

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