Open Source Optical flow utility for slowdown / speedup videos


Very impressive!

I love Kronos from the foundry… an open source alternative is a very good thing!

I’d love to have optic flow in blender… maybe mango will need it!

Granjow’s a kdenlive dev as well so guess this will find it’s way into that quite soon.

Curve control & GPU accelerated. :slight_smile:

Been using AVISynth with mvtools for this currently.

ps the motion blur looks a little fake… maybe it’s an optical difference between original and generated frames…

kronos slows down footage to half speed by generating all the frames (at 0.25 and 0.75 for example) rather than having org frame at 0, generated at 0.5, org at 1 etc etc…

Only NVidia cards so no use to me. The motion blur didn’t look very good, just too blurred. The slow motion was nice, especially the smoke video though on the first video near the end where it slows there is a lot of the image smudging near the edge of the picture (in the bottom left corner)

blender did have optical flow jahka coded there is a patch and used to be a plug in for 2.4 in the vse

Last time I asked he wasn’t going to. He doesn’t even have time to redo everything in OpenCL.

Not enough samples, long exposures tend to look a lot more streaky/smeary, this just looks like frame stacking. I would expect that he would have got a better result from stabilising the footage first, that way the jitter wouldn’t have generated so much blur.

But very nice interpolating of the clouds.