open source tessellation?

Hi, i’m looking for an alternative to Rhino/Moi for converting OpenNurbs to Blender-ready meshes.
So far i discovered Freecad and Ayam that are able to open 3DM files (IGES and other similar) and export them to Obj; but in terms of tessellation they are quite poor, at least as far as I know how to use them.
Does anybody know of other softwares or knows just how to properly export in the above mentioned?


what is “Blender-ready” and what “poor” in this regard?

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Wow! I find out this thread of mine which i totally forgot! :o
Well, the answer for me is still alive: does anyone know software with good iges/3dm-to-mesh tessellation?

Blender-ready was for “a format that Blender can import”, so i’m lookin for a software that eventually can save at least in .obj format
Poor tessellation means just this: bad/uneven tessellation of curved surfaces and edges, triangles everywhere, lack of parameters to control how the tessellation should be done.
Moi3d often does a good job with each individual surface, but big problems are in the seams, since those created mesh-surfaces are not connected. A solution is to increase resolution of the tessellization (does this word exist??) to crazy high level, so that the holes in the mesh get smaller and smaller, but this rises two problems: the holes are still there, and the vertex count gets really heavy even if there are parts of the mesh that don’t need it.

You might take a look at heekscad, which can do similarly to freecad. Don’t know if its more customizable or not, but might help. Another format that works well for this kind of thing is STL.

A tool I have used to convert CAD data into STLs that Blender could read (because the CAD packages STL export was poor) is gmsh.

It’s actually a pre-processor/mesher for FEA, which means you have a lot more control (and so a steeper learning curve!) over the final tesselated geometry. It supports a good selection of CAD/FE data exchange formats including IGES and STEP.

thenks for your replies guys.
i’ve been diggin’ this list but didn’t found any candidate
gmsh would probably be good, if it wasn’t so crashy, while heekscad doesn’t go further than amaya
the hunt goes on…