Open Source tools for creating electronic sounds? Online sample libraries?

I was just wondering if there was a tool out there that could be used to create electronic bass drumbeats, sound effects - that kind of thing, that will run on Linux. I know there’s Audacity, which could be used to put the sounds together, but what about making the sounds. I guess technically they’re called samples.

Also, any creative commons or free libraries of sounds samples, that sort of thing? I know of the freesound project, but I reckon some of you out there know more about this sort of thing

There is psycle which is a pretty cool, open source music generator:

Didn’t realise it was windows only though. You could have a go running it under wine.


At your service, sir!

i tried to use splice, which worked well for a while, i made a whole mess of songs. but then i discovered you cant download them to your pc after you make them… damn… :o:(

That is so cool! :yes::yes::yes: Thanks, Koba!


Huh, that’s cool. Wonder if it’s possible to get it to run under the newer cygwin/w/X stuff…

Qpsycle will work on linux, when (if) it ever reaches completion. When it does, i will be VERY tempted to switch to linux. :slight_smile:

Awesome, how about for Windows?

for sound libraries, someone told us about check it out, found useful sounds there.

Cool, lots of great tips everyone. There are definitely many links on OTO.