open source video editing

does anyone Know of a good easy to use video editor? Ive tried Avidemux and Jashaka but they dont seem to run on my old, slow, pathetic computer.

There is always blender.

Its not really an nla editor, but there is also virtualdub

Not open source, but freeware:

What OS are you using and what exactly are you wanting to do?

I installed Jahshaka on OSX(10.3.9) and it put itself in a hidden folder and refuses to run at all. I looked at their forums and found questions on the same problem but no answers. I found out later it was known not to run but it’s still there to be downloaded with no warning that it won’t work and will be difficult to delete. I asked for information here in Other Software but got no response.

The Blender Sequencer is very capable of basic editing and some relatively advanced techniques - and is extensible through plug-ins. Editing tracks is non-destructive which is very handy once you realise it. As with most things Blender, you have to come to grips with the work-flow.

For simple editing on Mac, you can use iMovie, but it resamples your video to either NTSC or PAL resolution and operates on a single video track so edits are destructive.

The is also a free app called Hyper-Engine but it also resamples the video and it attmepts to display thumbnails of every frame in the edit-tracks window so it’s extaordinarily slow. It’s also prone to crash.

One little utility I discovered (a 200Kb, yes kilobytes, download) is QuickMix. It’s a quirky little thing with an odd approach - but it seems to work very well. I’ve used it for splicing rendered parts of a video and to add the audio track the export to any available format and codec. Until Blender Mac can mux, QuickMix is a must-have.

My workflow on my recent matchstick video was to render each segment to PNG (it used one main video file for the central character, three separate video files for the audience, plus image or video sequences for the opening screens and credits. Each of these image sequences was brought into the Sequencer and the audio track was added and synced. Cross-fade transitions and other edits were applied then the whole video exported (I had to export in two sections because it kept corrupting on on section otherwise) and a MIXDOWN audio track exported. I used Sorenson 3 with a medium-high bitrate (3200) and 600x800 pixel dimension. I put it all back together in QuickMix and exported as H.264 MOV at 320x240px. I was very pleased with the results. (Better quality could probably have been retained by rendering to an uncompressed format instead of Sorenson but I was looking at disc space)

try kino , cinelerra

or u can try this

lots of apps there

I am running windows 98 probably why nothing works. i was just hoping to do some simple things like drawing in lightsabers or adding 3-D stuff made in blender to a video made with a camera. I also would like to be able to make video out of a bunch of single frame shots from my camera kinda like clay mation.

Look up VSE or Video Sequence Editor in the search function here or on the wiki pages in my signature - also look up lightsaber tutorials here, since there is an awesome thread already made with a few ways to do it. Blender is basically all you need to get started, just need to get familiar with Blender and how everything works. Sounds like you really meant to ask for video effects, which Blender has got plenty :slight_smile:

thanks, i’ll check it out.