Ever wanted to start an MMORPG but have no gaming experience? Well that’s when OSW comes in handy. I’m coding this online game for blender 3d that isn’t really an MMORPG but more of an online game, lol.

So where does the open source come in?
Well, instead of one game with 1 modeler, I’m making this game with a character as a cube :eek: then you add in your own character, as a matter of fact, you can remodel and retexture the entire game! In fact it’s as easy as using the built in python installer to install your models!

Hold on a sec… what’s the catch?
No catch, no experience needed! The game will be available 100% free under the open GPL license. HOWEVER if you wish to support this project we will need donations!

So can I get models off the internet?
Shortly we will post a link where you can join and upload your models there so others can see your models, also if you sign up for free your actually giving us money (affiliate) so you won’t have to donate to us!

So when will this be available?
Well right now I’m done with the core engine, I just need to clean the code up. There will be a BETA release ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS (Not to the public) very soon.

So to sum it up you can make your own online game with no python experience!

Licensing: To redistribute the game you MUST have in the box art/credits that it was made using the OSW Engine.

I am trying to make an engine similar to HERO engine, only open sourced =)

Looks really sweet, but are you sure that anyone is going to donate? those things are hard.
The idea however is really good, and i would love a chat funktion too.
Keep it comming, this seems promising. :wink:

So it’s a online multiplayer game engine? Awesome!! :slight_smile:

A game ‘engine’ usually is a collection of code that runs the scenegraph, rendering, collision, sound etc. In this case GameBlender is the engine.

I like the idea, and would like to take a look at how you are handling the server. Sign me up for the developer beta testing?

Yeah, the server sulution is far more intresting than the game, at least for the moment.
Are you going to use a location based server system, and the ge fixes the rest of the animations and so one?

I stated it’s an sdk. I am not using a server for testing… Maybe for the final game, rather it’s using your localhost as a server. It will be eAsy to change the ip settings though. I hope to finish it by chrisas (final version) I will discuss with the blender owners about special licensing a custom version of blender with this sdk built in.

I already wanna play it. :wink:

So we can’t test the multiplayer part of it right?

Blender is solely licensed under the GPL, so you wouldn’t be able to work out a special licensing deal.

Interestingly, if your scripts make use of the Blender API :


the scripts are considered to be “acting as one program”, so when you
publish such scripts they have to be GPL compliant as well.

if you do your job right, i am sure that there are lots of artists out there(blender an even non blender users) willing to donate, as soon as they see the working propotype and the design docs. you can also make a partnership with a site like cgshare or turbosquid to post and add or send emails and find out who wants to share, though it’s not mandatory, you can just post the stuff here or on cgtalk. the vehicle template had a lot of succes, i predict the same for this one.

sounds interesting, will be keeping an eye on this. :slight_smile:

Glad to be getting replies, I had a typo in my last post, I meant Christmas(stupid iphone =/) I will have a non multiplayer demo being released very soon to the public, the online engine will not be released for some time, as it’s not working right. I expect to get donations after the first beta release…

I’ll donate a few models once I see a bit more. You should list what you want, preferably with concept art as if you don’t you will end up with a million different crate and barrel models!

Did you not read? I don’t want any models, you do =P The character will be a block, when you get the game you use your preanimated models in the game. Just use the easy python install wizard and it’ll do it.

Here’s the start of the island, I will post more later.


Not bad, so far.:wink:

If it’s a tropic island, there would be more rocks, more sand, and a lot less grass. And it would be tall grass if any. Much more foliage

This looks great. Many more people more will for sure enter the future bge contests. Good luck!

Which is exactly why I said: Here’s the start of the island, I will post more later.

@mokazon: Letting you know right now, I will not allow people to use my engine to enter in the competition, I will report them if they do. Now if I host an OSW contest that’s different… but it doesn’t seem right for me to create an MMORPG engine and have complete blender noobs create a few models and call it theirs… it’s just not happening.

lol… Open source works that way. Ultimately you’ll still be getting credit for it, but you need to understand that whilst you start this coding, others will join you, possibly contributing even more. After that point, it’s no longer ‘yours’ but a community or ‘ours’ - that still doesn’t take away from the fact that “Killer started it, and administers it”

Really good idea… it’ll be interesting to see what you’ve got laid out as your protocol between the server and client. how are you planning on minimising bandwidth usage? are you going with a point and click, where the coordinates are broadcast and the clients do the actual path finding? or are you going to simply constantly send packets containing location information? (that’s going to be unusuable for a multiplayer with a large number of concurrent users, unless you can seperate the location information into reasonably sized zones… and relay position information relevant only to people who are within the same zones)

I assume you’ll obviously be using UDP rather than TCP/IP protocol. Obviously, you’ll build your own ontology on top of that. you going to be passing your data as XML to speed up on the whole parsing side of things?

oh…forgot to say: island looks good man…