Open Sourced Movies

Hello everybody. This post might not be totally out off-topic, but I didn’t see anywhere else to post it. I saw this and I know that blender is doing their second open movie. Are there any other projects like this out there.? The world is full of Open Sourced applications and recently some movies and music projects have arrived. I would really like to see the day when more projects like this are normal. Cheers.

Of course there are the Blender projects Orange ( and Peach ( Murnau the Vampire ( seems like an interesting open project too.

<edit>Forgot to mention about Plumiferos ( It is a project made with open source tools.</edit>

Thanks for your response, very usefull. I ask this because I have been for some time playing with blender with the intent to make a small movie, but a) I am not a designer b) I found it will take a lot of time. Non of this is really important, I am not in a rush, so I can learn and take my time. But then I thought that I could just join one of this projects or start my own. I see that this movies are a little movie oriented and I was thinking more of a Movie Studio oriented. And if you know of any thing like this just let me know. Thanks again.