Open SubDiv 3.0 released

Today OpenSubDiv 3.0 left Alpha state.

** I got fooled, it hasn’t left Alpha state, and the post I read was generated today not created today :frowning: anyways maybe good info for someone **


General 3.x RoadMap

  • Handle more primitives, but with fewer overheads:
  • Reduce Compute kernel launches,which we will achieve using stencils instead of subdivision tables
  • Provide back-ends for next-gen APIs (D3D12, Mantle, Metal, GL 5.x)
  • Faster topology analysis

On the GPU side, the replacement of subdivision tables with stencils allows us to remove several bottlenecks in the Compute area that can yield as much as 4x faster interpolation on CUDA platforms.

New Source-Code Style
OpenSubdiv 3.0 replaces naming prefixes with C++ namespaces for all API layers

Pixar finally released OpenSubdiv 3.0.0 on 23rd of June … :slight_smile: