Open Suvdiv modifier - 3ds Max and Blender differents


Just found that Blender 2.81 have a very simple Open Subdiv modifier
Comparison with 3ds Max

3ds max have Vertex Boundary that can keep plane with sharp corners.
Blender haven’t.
May be I’m doing something wrong.
So how to keep sharp corners in blender with Open Subdivs?

You can crease the boundary edges. Though I agree that having a modifier option on what to do with them would’ve been much better.


Thanks, forgot about creasing.
It’s strange that for UV there is option for keep corners, but not for mesh itself…

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The option for adaptive subivision is something that it s already in Blender but you have to turn experimental settings ON to be able to access it.

I want to say that creasing it’s not exactly a solution for a scene with many meshes which have edges like in my example.
So option for “Keep corners for mesh” need to be added in future, as soon as possible.
I guess I need to write about this to the developers.

I agree, make the suggestion on rightclickselect or right with the dev.
However, a quick hack for your situation would be to use select > select boundary loops option and apply the crease to all elements without having to select one by one.