Open Tempest 3D (Tempest in the Aether Art Contest) ($500)


I’m one of the developers of the FOSS MMORPG Tempest in the Aether. A few days ago we released our first alpha version. However, this alpha version doesn’t contain a lot of art yet. This is why we decided to start a contest.

This project may be open source, but that doesn’t mean there are no prizes.

This is the original challenge text as posted on our site. The contest is a joint-venture of Tempest in the Aether and OpenGameArt.

Tempest Pirates!

It has been a long time in the making and after long last the client is in working form, we have lots of great ideas on the horizon and in the spirit of our first major release we were thinking, what better way is there to celebrate then giving you and all your friends the opportunity to pick up some awesome prizes and cash!

Interested in picking up some awesome prizes?

Create Open Source Tempest in the Aether Steam-punk art!

Here’s a rundown of the rules!

  1. Your entry must be your original artwork that you created yourself!
  2. Your art must be released in an open, freely usable format that is well documented, readable by common software, and unencumbered by patent restrictions. For images, we recommend PNG and 3D we recommend blend.
  3. Your entry should be based of existing art, concept art and/or steam-punk concepts, we will not deduct points from any entry for this however points will be given based on following the steam-punk theme. For the concept art gallery please see
  4. Must submit a texture for the model as well as the object.
  5. Must be submitted on OGA and be licensed under CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA 3.0
  6. You’re welcome to collaborate, but there must be no more than three artists per entry.
  7. Your entry must be crafted specifically for this contest. We’ve got eyes and ears everywhere, so no funny business!
  8. Entries must be appropriate for all ages! Nothing naughty, period.
  9. Entries must meet all OGA rules.
  10. Contest entries will be judged based on the criteria listed below. Please note that the final ranking is ultimately a subjective decision by the judges.
  11. Decisions by the judges are final and non-negotiable.
  12. Winners must submit their real name and address within 90 days of the contest end date to receive their prizes, this does not have to be public and can be sent via email.


  1. Consistency with style: Art entries will be expected to be artistically consistent with the existing art. The style guide is not a set of hard and fast rules, but is intended to provide direction to help produce art that is consistent with the steam-punk art style.
  2. Quality and skill: Entries will be judged on their general quality and how appealing they are.
  3. Quantity: Entries will also be judged based on how much art is contained in the entry. Largers submissions will be rated proportionally higher than smaller ones, for example a fully rigged character model will be rated higher then a basic mesh.
  4. Submission format: Entries that are made easy to modify (by providing multiple layers, if applicable) will be weighted more heavily than those that are not.
  5. Judge’s opinion: In addition to the objective criteria, judges will also judge based on how much they like a particular entry.
    The top two entrants will $250 cash and a full color 3D print of there model! There are many other prizes you could win, including up to $100 cash, computer hardware and more! Be sure to submit your entry to before June 10th at 8am PST!

Concept art zip file and work in progress zip file available from this location:

Tempest in the Aether has a channel on freenode: #tempest-in-the-aether
Open Game Art also has a channel on freenode: #opengameart