[OPEN] Volunteer artists for a new studio

Hey there artists,
I am planning of starting a new youtube based animation studios.
I have decided that we will start with a workforce of 5 people.
The studio will be based on roblox, minecraft and sometimes scp. The studios will not be owned by individual. I promise you that the studio won’t make cringe videos like roblox bully stories or monster school. The studio will basically be an action studios.
The age requirment will be
For Account Management above 16 and below 19
And for other jobs above 13 and below 19

@canbeyou - Accounts manager
Job description - The account manager will make and manage the youtube channel and pay the studio workers if the channel gets monetised.
@canbeyou - modeller
Job description - The modeller will make necessary models and texture it
@canbeyou - animator
Job description - will help me animate
@canbeyou - VFX artist
Job description - Will touch up the animations
@canbeyou - Video Editor
Job description - Will edit videos
The work is voluntary but you can be paid if the studio gets monetised
For more info contact me on discord at
S M I L E#7507
Or message here