Open Waters - Updated 7/28

Working on a large-format seascape picture. Right now I’m just working on the water. Sand, a couple people and hand-painted sky background to come.


I’ll also be adding some particle effects for spray and splash, but I’m reasonably happy with the water, both material and geometry.

UPDATE: click below for 900x700. I’m going for a really brilliantly sunlit day, with a bit of an artistic flare. The 900x700 is much better looking than the one appearing here in the thread, so please click.


I would expect sea water to be darker. If there were no reflections, one could think it is meant to be sand. Maybe a darker material and some fresnel tweaking? Or less reflection? Probably it’s only the light sky that’s being reflected too much.

I’m excited about the end result though… :slight_smile:

Looking good so far. It could be neat to do a some differing colors of water in the ocean, as is so often the case. The water looks good, though. Looking foward to more.

Updated at the top of the page.

I like the update. Maybe a bit more of a cloud texture across the whole thing, a rather large one that simulates changes in water color?