Open Windows .blend files on Linux


I have moved from Windows to Linux and I have a problem with Blender files. I have a sequence in the Sequence Editor and the absolute paths the image strips link to are invalid. I use the old disk but it is mounted in the /media/wind/ folder instead of D:. Is there a way to repair the files so that they work on Linux? (Is it possible to make the paths relative?)

If you’re using version 2.46, it’s really quite simple thankfully!

Go to File->External Data->Find Missing Files… and select the directory where the files should be. All the paths should be updated to the right place.

In that same menu you can also set all paths as relative…

Edit: If you’ve got files in different locations, you need to first go to “Report missing files” in that same menu. Open the text file, and then you correct the paths (using Find Missing Files in that menu) in the order that’s given in the text file.

Just to clarify: You only need to do “Find missing files” more than once for files that are in different directories. So if all your incorrectly linked files are in /home/blender/ then you only need to do “Find missing files” once.

Thanks leojS. And where is the missing_files.log located? I can’t find it.

Open a text editor window in blender, and the log should be in the dropdown menu (the one before the box that says “Screen 12”).

Thanks. But when I go to Find missing files and navigate to the folder where the files are located, it replaces paths for all the files with the new paths (and then the missing file log contains no missing files). It would be better if Blender showed the list of the missing files and you could correct it by hand. Isn’t there such a script?

Pack your data in windows first, relative paths will only work if you have all your linked datas on the same partition …