open world exploration.

HI, i need help. i am making an open world. ive just started by adding a plane and used the subdivide multi fractal option to make it bumpy. i want to make this world completely dark. but code a spotlight to move right a little every time i press the right arrown. that much is easy but i have come into a problem. when i press the right button it blinks out and returns at the next place. but i want it to pan accross to the next place. any help would be appreiciated. thanks!
i am a noob

In the logic editor window, add a ‘keyboard’ sensor, an ‘and’ controller and a ‘motion’ actuator to the spotlight. Set the keyboard key to be right arrow. Set a low positive or negative value in the X or Y coordinate of the location in the motion ‘actuator’. This should do fine, press P to play, if you hold your key down the light will keep moving. For testing purposes you can make an object child of the light, because you won’t see the light icon in the 3d view in the game engine.

I’d propose to use the movement setup on an empty and parent the light to the parent. Using logic directly on the light seems to give you troubles…