Open World Film


Open World Film has been working on a CGI movie for some time, and is looking for more Blender-heads to help keep it on track.

This is an invite to anyone that is interested in the project to a meeting on 17th July.

The project website has loads of information and free resources, discussion etc. Look it up at:

Agenda: How to boost input and interest in the project, and how much time anyone can give.

Location: OWF chat.

Time: 19:00 - 22:00 UTC ( This post made at 08:45 UTC)

Everyone welcome.


Still going huh, now thats what I call true staying power. Some weeks ago I found the old sketch I did for the antagonist character, I even sketched some revisions I was planning on doing a sculpt after the Blender World Cup was over as a personal project.

BA has a lot of people visiting each day. So a WIP thread here would probably spark more interest and get followed better than at your man site. But the work will have to be of a standard high enough to sort of act as good will PR magnet that draws people in.

Good luck and I hope you get some positive responses.