open world forest walkthrough

I set up a demo of a project I’m working on. I’m gonna be moving pretty soon so I thought this might be a good time to share what I have since I wont have my work PC for a while.

Here it is:

The demo might be pretty baron or weird looking in certain places, I was in the middle of switching the object placement system I’m using. You might see areas that used my old system off in the distance of the starting area. basically, the starting area is what the rest of the game should look like.

  • Press 1 and 2 to change the player speed.
  • I’d like your PC specs and guesstimate of the fps you’re getting.
  • Just as a word of caution, I’d say this is a pretty resource intensive demo. I get 60-50 fps on a [email protected] + gtx 660, which I like to think is high end. You might run into some problem if you’re running this on integrated intel graphics or something like that.

Just tried it- very nice! My only gripe would be pop in, but otherwise thumbs up.

I was getting very smooth FPS (I did not notice any slowdown at all)- specs: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX 6850, Win 7 X64 Pro, 4 Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 460 1Gb video RAM

This looks very nice, experienced next to no lag, none that i could notice anyway. i5 3570K, gtx 660, 16gb ram. My only critique is the water streams look a little bit like glad/cling wrap (plastic) and when travelling at high speed and colliding with the platforms in the distance i went right through and got stuck under the map. Very nice demo though the LOD is set up perfectly!

Really good to hear that you guys don’t have any lag! I’d still like feedback from some lower end users but this is still pretty good news!

I’ll try some kind of alpha blending or another lod manager for larger objects to get rid of the popin. Should be pretty fixable.

The collision is a problem while traveing at that speed. Of course, if I ever turn this into a game, you probably wont be traveling anywhere near that speed. The player physics also need to be swapped out. Really weird physics with that as well.

The water is too hard then I assume. I’ll turn down the opacity at high distances and see if that looks better.

Thanks for trying it out guys!