Open your eyes | 3d platformer/puzzler (gameplay video inside)

(shadowhalo3) #1

I’m an indie game designer, always working, always trying to build something; creating worlds, and experiences is something I hope to do through out my life, and even for a living hopefully. As a kid, Tomb Raider II was my favorite game, and since then, I’ve always missed that type of game. A game where there was no help; you were in a tomb, or cavern, with only your wit and critical thinking to get you out of a situation. You didn’t have allies speaking in a headset, or a journal to help provide clues if you were stuck. I like to call those games “Isolation Puzzlers”, for the very facts mentioned above.

Nowadays, games aren’t so hard anymore, not so unforgiving. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But in retrospect, I loved being trapped on a level for hours, searching every square inch for a lever I might’ve missed, or path I overlooked. Now, I’m just one guy. So my game isn’t a AAA masterpiece. It’s got its fair share of problems, and it doesn’t carry the best graphics. But i hope it’s an experience you enjoy and feel challenged throughout. I’ve been using Blender for about 10 years now. I certainly could’ve done this in Unreal Engine, or even Unity, and I still do plan to move to those engines in the future, certainly UE4. But I’ve always thought I owed it to myself first to compete something in BGE, however frustrating and seemingly impossible it may be. If I could even make a game worth 5 minutes of your time, I would feel I have accomplished this. Here goes nothing.

STATUS: Currently looking for Alpha testers. 4 in total. Preferably 2 with Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, and 2 with AMD CPU and ATI GPU. 1 of the 2 Intel users with a low-end build, the other with a high-end. Same criteria for AMD testers.

(Josip Kladaric) #2

This is amazing! As soon as you started walking around I remembered Tomb Raider, the atmosphere is superb. I would love to play this game.

There are some parts that should be fixed and I will point them out because I know you can easily fix them.
1.Using the default os cursor. Its an easy fix, adding an ingame crosshair that can change based on context is not hard and I can help you with that.
2.Health and Stamina bars are a bit strange, floating and far apart. Maybe move them closer and to the bottom of the screen.
3.The CD and Mouse break the atmosphere and immersion, maybe replace them with some less modern icons.
4.Add hands for the guns. I can make some for you really fast.
5.Smoke particles should always face the camera, its also a quick fix.
6.At 2:05 in the video there are bright purple beams, you should add some purple light to the environment like you did with the red sphere at 2:20

Everything else looks and feels great to me and I would gladly pay $9.99 on steam after watching just this video.


Hey,the atmosphere of the game looks really nice.
You are right about the games made today, there are far too easy to play with all the tips/tricks/tutorials/help and helpers.
If you achieve something with thinking and failing a lot, it´s far more enjoyable than with any help.

As you may know most people imo like it quick and easy and if they don´t achieve an ongoing playable situation, they quit.

(shadowhalo3) #4

@Josip, thank you for the feedback; I really appreciate it.

@DERBENDER, glad someone else also feels the same way. Thank you for checking it out.

(BluePrintRandom) #5

may want to use plates and frames with those panels,

your uv texture is wraping hieroglyphics around edges*

alternatively scale the texture/ object until they no longer wrap around*

really nice lighting, texturing and fx.

nice inventory as well :smiley:

(Nicholas_A) #6

I liked the trailer. Most of it looked really nice. Do work on the particle effects like the webs, fire, smoke, lava, blood.

(shadowhalo3) #7

I can’t find any good animated smoke textures… I would love to improve the particles in that sense, but it doesn’t seem that’s possible right now.

(Heg) #8

Then make it by yourself! :smiley:

(shadowhalo3) #9

Should have an update coming in the near future. You can follow the game on facebook here:

(Fred/K.S) #10

@shadowhalo3 this Game IS ONE OF the BEST Ive seen on BGE/ UPBGE THIS YEAR, iam superly motivated to finnish my OLD projects after seeying your trailer (Thats when i get more time again), To be honest i miss this old Genre of games I Remember my favorite game was Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld and all the ones that came before. i would love to create a game like this someday Commercially. I must say your HARD Work will pay out the mechanics ive seen :smiley: the best effort i see here bro please continue to make this game i can’t wait to play it and also i wish there’s a sequel to the 1st game as well. To be honest i play Blender Games everymonth every year because i appreciate Dev’s efforts and ideas. You guys are ALL AMAZING i wish you All The Best With Your Project and i hope to play the alpha in the Near future.

Thanks for sharing with us here on BA and keep posting, and STAY AWESOME :wink:


(Wisaam) #11

I can really tell the amount of work you have put into it. Nicely done. A bit more polishing and this would be an amazing game. Don’t forget to keep us posted and good luck :wink:

(shadowhalo3) #12

I really appreciate this comment, man… Thank you.

(Thatimster) #13

I make most of my animated smoke textures using simple blender smoke simulations and combining them into an atlas.
The problem is usually the playback of textures because the UV animations are very hacky in bge by default.

<shameless product plug>
I did create the BGE sprite addon to solve this issue and make animated sprites in BGE much easier. There should also be smoke textures included with the addon.
</shameless product plug>

Either-way the game is shaping up great so far :slight_smile:

(shadowhalo3) #14

I appreciate the comment, thank you

(DragonLEE) #15

Game Soundtrack

(shadowhalo3) #16

Purchased. Great tool; this changes everything…A monumental upgrade for me, Tim.

(Vortex101) #17

Looks like you put a lot of work into the game and trailer, looks great overall keep it up!

(MichelleSea) #18

I’m solidly impressed by your trailer. This project looks incredible. Are you still looking for testers? I’m running an Intel QuadCore i5 4460, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

(shadowhalo3) #19

Thank you for volunteering as a playtester; If you’ve got the chance, follow my Facebook group and I’ll be sure to contact you in the near future.

(DragonLEE) #20

sound track