(DAK) #1

If blender ever does become open source I cant wait. I want to recode the gui and make it look exactly like my lightwave!
We can have one forum for python, and another one just for C coders.

(haunt_house) #2

what´s wrong with the current gui?

(Friday13) #3

If Blender’s interface changed completely, i’d stop using it.

(haunt_house) #4

me too

some enhancements, maybe, but real changes? heaven forbid.

It needs better documentation. As soon as I get this php thing, I´ll try to tinker a little forum (if acasto isn´t quicker :smiley: ) to discuss and develop something


(theeth) #5

nothing forbids him to fork the code if he really wants his lightwave-like GUI.


(Eric) #6

no, but if the development will consentrate in that way, it won’t go forward very fast.

(haunt_house) #7


(haunt_house) #8

yes, but recoding the gui is about ten times more work than learning the gui.

isn´t there a clause in the laws of nature that forbid that blasphemy?


(theeth) #9

maybe somewhere in the Bible. Joecool helps us! :wink:


(Haunted-House) #10

I think blender’s gui is fine except for the colorscheme! :x

(Dittohead) #11


:-? :-? :frowning: :-? :-? :frowning: :-? :-? :frowning:

Can anyone say ‘unintuitive’?

(Krogon) #12

I would really like a lightwave like GUI.

(blengine) #13

nuthing is gonna force us to use his intereface =) so change on my son!
one thing id really want is to change its colors to the colors of the blender3d and site… those cool techo bright colors mixed with gray =D add some life!

(youngbatcat) #14

OSX white and blue all over.
Thats what I want it to look like.


(acasto) #15

I would really like to see some better contrast between the pointer/selector and the backgound. On some systems it kind’ve gets lost!

(haunt_house) #16

ati cards are beautiful there. The cursor is red the cross is almost invisible and the vertices are tiny.

If you want a lightwavelike gui, use lightwave. Blenders interface is brilliant on the whole.

(LethalSideP) #17

Blender’s interface is the fastest most intuitive interface I have ever seen. FULL STOP. And I should know - I’ve used Maya (YUCK!), XSI (nice color scheme, but still…), 3DS (don’t even take me there!), C4D (OK, but limiting).

AND YOU CHOOSE LIGHTWAVE??? For pity’s sake, the modeller is a seperate application!! You have to save your objects before you can load them into your scenes for animating!!! And you still prefer Lightwave??


Sorry. Long day :frowning: :wink: . Don’t take this as a flame. Just think about it, OK? :wink: It’s your decision, I guess.


(Haunted-House) #18

I would NOT like anything to be moved around just stylized
Glass like buttons!! 8)

(Haunted-House) #19

I have also tried XSI, Maya, Lightwave, 3DSMAX, and I also think blender has a better GUI! 8)

(saluk) #20

Blender should have a fully skinable user configurable interface. You know, somewhat like wings where you can assign any hotkeys you want for any menu item? You should be able to drag buttons around and organize it how YOU want it to be organized. If you spend a few hours trying to find a hotkey for a button that doesn’t exist, you should be able to MAKE a button for it. And you should have full customization control over how buttons look, how big they are, what they say, etc. Yeah, that would rock:)

Probably make everything bloated and slow like mozilla though.