OpenCascade python bindings available

Is this of use or interest to anyone?

both useful & interesting.
hopefully a dev has a look at this.

Yesterday I wanted to point out this library to the guys in the “libNurbana” thread but I guess my post needs to be screened first before it can be added to this “hot thread”.
I have used a package called RealSoft for which an OpenCascade plugin is available (see ). It looks like OpenCascade supports a lot of things that are requested by all users here in the forum that pursue precision modelling or CAD-modelling. Things like cutting out arbitrary shapes from curved surfaces, creating fillets and nice booleans. Judging from the things supported by the OpenCascade library it could be simpler than adding the Nurbana library, certainly if there is a Python API to this library. But I am just guessing.