OpenCL landing: python wrapping

Hi guys

perhaps you know that already but is nice to see this conection:

it will means sooner blender usage for it :wink:

Oh man, really!? Yesss!!

That will make it so much more easier and less mystifying to implement in Blender. Thanks for the heads up Farsthary. Good to hear from you.

Sorry if I’m being blunt, but could someone explain how OpenCL will help Blender?

I’m no expert in this area, but I believe it will make writing code that works with GPU’s much easier and platform independent. GPU support in blender would directly help things like the smoke sim, fluid sim, or other simulation type graphics stuff. Basically, you could offload work from the processor to your video card.

awesome! this implemented in 2.5 would seriously make alot of noise PR wise.

sure, great. now who has any OpenCL drivers ? :wink:

Not to tell about the render process itself!
(check the linked video)