opencl that is great

are there any way NOW to speed up physic in blender ? some plugin/modification ?

It says he modded the GE (which you can do thanks to the GPL, or some license on Blender anyway) I don’t think the guy’d hand out the work because it’d obviously be quite difficult to make… (If he did, look on the site/contact 'em for the build) also check to see if there is an existing build of Blender with it there, or learn openCL and modify the source code yourself (not a decision to be taken lightly) :smiley:

Taken that Physics in blender means Bullet

Bullet3 -> openCl accellerated
GSoC -> better integration of bullet in blender

Solution 1) : wait until this 2 are completed
Solution 2) : start coding a physic engine compatible with blender in openCl, than create an interface/communication system/way to allow blender and your new library to work together, keeping all the compatibility with the old stuff.

I hardly think solution 1 is the nearest one of the two.
(for the fluid thing, should be the patch somewhere)

Some progress of the BGE and opencl