OpenEXR color issue

I export an OpenEXR file from my scene, generating also the preview .jpg.
The problem is that the .jpg preview file looks exactly the same as the rendered scene (and this is OK), while the image channel of the OpenEXR file looks darker than the rendered scene (and than the .jpg) [in order to compare them I load them in a new Blender node section].
I’ve tried to modify the “color Management” settings in the Scene panel, but without success. My objective is to have the image contained in the openEXR file looking the same as the preview .jpg file.

OpenEXR is in linear light, your jpg is 2.2 gamma.

IMHO you must have messed something up in Color Management settings. If you import both jpg and exr to Blender for comparison you should see exactly the same colors.
@ yellow - yes you’re almost right. exr is linear, jpg is sRGB which is approximately 2.2.
However when you import both to compositor, they should be correctly interpreted such that the resulting colors are the same.
Blender assumes that exr is linear so it doesn’t do anything to it.
For jpgs Blender assumes that they are sRGB, so it linearizes them.
Without going much deeper into it - they should be the same, period.

Is there any way you could share your settings with us? Maybe you could upload the blend file? If it’s anything secret, you can remove everything from it, I’d only like to take a look at settings you use.

What should have happened is that you’re using Blender 2.5x or better, and “color management” is turned-on, and because it is turned-on, your JPGs and so-forth should have been appropriately compensated for Gamma so that everything “just works.”

If you’re not using Blender 2.5x or better, then, “there’s your first and biggest problem.”

Second, if color-management is not turned on, you need to turn it on and then you might need to re-import some resources.