openFlight (FLT) export problem

hello everybody
i’m trying to export a 3DS i’ve imported, as a FLT (openFlight).
i’ve downloaded the latest Blender, and yet the export plugin does not export any textures…
what am i doing wrong?:frowning:

I have the same problem. Maybe you could try to see if it works in an older version of Blender. If that is true then I hope someone removes the plugin from Blender or fixes it.


I am the maintainer and developer of the FLT tools and scripts included with Blender. There are several things that you need to know in order to use them correctly. Please reference this page on the wiki:

I suspect that possibly your uv-layers from the 3ds file are the culprit. Blender can have any number of UV layers, and they have no explicit order. However OpenFlight can have only 8. Because of this the exporter expects that your layers are named ‘Layer0, Layer1, Layer2…’ and so on.

Additionally I would be more than happy to look at any example 3d studio file you (or anyone else) might provide. This way I could tell you exactly what needed to be done to ensure a smooth export process. For what its worth, I use these scripts in production every day on very large databases and once you know how to use them, its pretty smooth sailing!

Additional documentation for the importer, palette manager and toolbar:



Even after following above procedures , i am not able to Export model with textures to .FLT.
and Pls write script for Blender 2.69 because its very easy to use and user friendly.
i am a newbie and i loved the UI of blender 2.69.

Pls find the below attachment, i have got this output when exported to .FLT

So are you still working on the OpenFlight Importer/Exporter? Is there a version that runs on Blender 2.7x?