seeking new submissions

Just a reminder to everyone – is always looking for new art submissions. If you happen to have any art that could be used in a game (maps, background objects, weapons, models, etc) that you’d be willing to release under a community license, we’d love to accept it. If you have a large volume of art and are concerned that it’ll take a long time to submit, just send me a PM on here and you can email me the archive, which I’ll submit manually.

We accept:

  • 3D models, maps, and rigs
  • Textures
  • 2D art (sprites, backgrounds, icons, etc)
  • Audio (music, sound effects, etc)

We cannot accept:

  • Ripped content
  • Content that has a non-commercial licensing restriction (as it is not compatible with the GPL)
  • Content that is either a modification of, or obviously based on, commercial content

Even if you don’t have anything to submit, our collection is expanding rapidly, so feel free to browse around and make use of existing content. Also, we’re always looking for comments and recommendations for making the site more useful or easier to use. Feel free to comment on this thread.


Bart K.

Might I suggest that the obvious first place to start would be pulling everything available from other open source games? The 2d ones are especially easy, and some of them (like Secret Maryo Chronicals) even have the scalable svgs in their svn. Other 3d games could surely have their models imported and saved as a blend, or just uploaded directly to your site. I frequently post bits and pieces of 2d stuff that I’m using in a Blender game over at, too so you could grab a bunch of stuff from there.

There’s a world of open game resources out there already. What’s really needed is for someone to pull them into one place.