OpenGL / C mesh export

I just want to share with a mesh export addon, which can be found at:

This is a very simple script, based on Stanford PLY exporter of Bruce Merry and Campbell Barton.
I have prepared it for my tests, but maybe some else also will find it usefull.


With the Blender 2.63 I have rewritten addon from the scratch :slight_smile:
Now is able to export entire scene into single .h file
Scene in Blender:

the same scene in very simple OpenGL application:


you should upload it to here:

If they like it, they will give you SVN-access to the bf-extensions (addon_contrib) project and eventually review your script and add it to trunk

only a note about the opengl-samples.
I was surprised there were blend-files in the sample-files
and even so those blend-files were for older blender-2.59
it was nice to see this. And they used those blend-files
for shadow-map-creation and other things …
… but for the loader supplied used the obj.output(format).
Those ogl-samples (depends how close to the hardware-edge one can go):