OpenGL documentation

(hannibar) #1

Where can I find good and detailed information on programming using the openGL libraries in C or C++ ?


(Timothy) #2

I would advise to buy the opengl programming guide. It is THE book that every opengl programmer must have.


(hannibar) #3

Thanks for the tip! Looks very decent at first sight. I might ask it for my birthday maybe :slight_smile:

(karsten) #4

Look here for the red book:

(hannibar) #5

I’ve taken a look at ‘the red book’, and they say that there is some file you should download. The link ( ) however doesn’t work. Do you know where I could find that file?

(karsten) #6

at the bottom of the page there is a link to .zip file - this works for me.

(hannibar) #7

Hmm, all I get is an error page. Maybe you could mail the file to me if it isn’t to big. (email : [email protected])

(nempko) #8

The greatest website for opengl novices is

(hannibar) #9

Thanks for the link. I will try that one too.

(ssross) #10

They re-arranged their site. That file (and others) should now be in

(rndrdbrian) #11

I quite like the OpenGL Superbible: