OpenGL Exporter (python script) for Blender

You can download an OpenGL exporter for Blender to export models into OpenGL code that you can use with various compilers such as’s DevC++ (new proj:OpenGL multimedia example, then use’s manual and the gluLookat(pos.x,pos.y,pos.z,look.x,look.y,look.z,up.x,up.y,up.z) function before drawing) (or Visual C++ Express) in order to draw your 3d models even with texchers or vertex colors and normals here! Just put it in the Blender Foundation/.blender/scripts folder for versions of Blender 2.4 or before to prefs, install it as an addon, you may need to update the script to conform to the other exporters to do this, for later versions which may require the smd). You can also convert 2d sprite games (from Nintendo and Atari) to 3d models with it! Click on the previous link to download the OpenGL exporter. OpenGL is one of the most famus 3d grafix platforms, it was used to make this program (along with Python scripting), all of the games on the Playstation consoles (1,2,3), Nintendo Wii (uses GX from which is based off GL), (even Microsoft’s DirectX (related to Xbox 360’s XNA Gamestudio) is related) and is used on Cell Phones/tablets that use Android 2.2 or hier wich can power OpenGL ES, the portable version. has some good examples to learn code from.