OpenGl for Rage Mobility

Blender’s OpenGL interface seems to work everywhere except
my small laptop : Fujitsu Lifebook Series P, with a Rage Mobility video
card: the small button icons (the little ones at the bottom of each
window), show up as black squares. Everything else looks good.
Any ideas?

Are there OpenGL implementations beside the ones that I can
get from the Fujitsu site? I looked at the ATI site, but they have
a message, when I’ve navigated down to the drivers, that I
should retrieve them from the vendor (i.e., Fujitsu).


try another color depth…

other than that it just happens sometimes. I don’t know why though.

Yay! My first post! :smiley: I also own a Fujitsu Lifebook P-2110 running on ATI Rage Mobility. I have been fooling around with all sort of settings, drivers, regedits, etc. The solution is simple, though not obvious. So far, it only works in one very specific condition:

Single monitor at 24-bpp color depth using Fujitsu latest video drivers.

This laptop works with two monitors, but Blender will suffer terribly with slow menu redraws. Single monitor at either 16-bpp or 32-bpp does NOT work. Don’t ask me why.

Whew! I was just about to give up when changing the color depth was suggested by z3r0 d. Thanks a bunch.